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I use Gridspy for both permanent and temporary metering solutions and, put simply – it works, really well.

Dr Paul Bannister — Managing Director, Exergy Australia Pty Ltd

Monitoring That Actually Works

Go On. Ask the professionals. Most traditional monitoring systems are a total headache to get up and running. Not so with GridSpy. Up and running in a flash, GridSpy is designed to be simple without compromising highly detailed information.

No Special Treatment

We don't want anything special. We don't want you to turn off your plant, program complex meters, run long wires, block up areas with large cables or dusty onsite servers. None of this stuff: VPNs, Tunnels, Proxies, Subnets, Port Forwarding. No software to install either. None.

We Do It All

GridSpy is a complete solution. We provide monitoring devices, connect those to the web and present the data on your browser available on your desktop, tablet or smartphone (yes you can check your data from the beach). The buck really stops here. But, hey if you already have an existing Dash provider we can work in with them with our great API.
* kitchen sink not included


Our devices are secure, our server is secure, access to your Cloud Dash is secure. Everything is backed up and designed to be robust. All our moving pieces are custom designed to fit together.


Pay only for what you need. Modular and fit for purpose, GridSpy devices deliver what you need to save energy without paying for unwanted extras. Built from the ground up to redefine easy and fast, GridSpy devices don't bring the baggage of yesteryear and expect you to pay for it. You can purchase and subscribe to the GridSpy Service or lease.


GridSpy is a wholly New Zealand owned clean-tech company that really does want to make a difference to the amount of energy and resource you use. Using the GridSpy Energy Monitoring Solution will help you reduce your footprint and achieve sustainability faster.

GridSpy has Already Worked for Others

I recommend GridSpy as a practical and cost effective metering system – it’s cost effective, it’s exceptionally easy to set up and it provides brilliant detail of data.

I use Gridspy for both permanent and temporary metering solutions and, put simply – it works, really well.

Dr Paul Bannister, Managing Director, Exergy Australia Pty Ltd

GridSpy is a great example of the potential of the NZ energy services sector to not just reduce energy costs for NZ business, but to also add to New Zealand's export potential.

Ewan Gebbie, Executive Officer of the Energy Management Association of NZ (EMANZ)

Case Study — Port Otago Ltd

GridSpy has allowed us to find places to save money we would have missed with other systems

Lincoln Coe — GM Infrastructure, Port Otago Ltd
  • $11,000 Setup cost
  • 2 x GridHubs
  • 4 x GridNodes
  • 24 x Sensors
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9 months later, GridSpy had contributed to $90,000 of savings

The key benefit GridSpy provided me as an energy consultant was a higher level of data and information.

This high level of data ensured that energy efficiency opportunities were identified and implemented and also allowed energy savings to be measured in a more timely fashion.

Jonathan Pooch, Managing Director, DETA consulting Limited

From a child’s perspective, how do you ‘see’ electricity? And if you can’t ‘see’ it, how do you measure the amount you are using?

It is one of those illusive and complex concepts that can be very hard to explain especially to young students, harder still to measure – until now!
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By installing GridSpy it is easy to show students the amount of power they are using in different areas of the school in real time.

Once you can ‘see’ the power being used, it is relatively easy to place a value on a unit of power and to meaningfully calculate what money you are spending where – and therefore easy to see areas in which you can become more energy efficient or reduce the amount of power being used and therefore the bill at the end of the day.

Jo McIntyre-Brown, Environmental Education Advisor, Auckland Council (EnviroSchools)

Article — GridSpy for Farmers

Dairy Design: Dairy Exporter Magazine, June 2014 (see pg 2)

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GridSpy is flexible and understandable, ideal for farmers

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