Get Started with GridSpy

So, you are ready to get a handle on your energy use, save money and improve sustainability. Or at least to kick the tyres a bit and see if GridSpy is for you. Either way, we are here to help!

Before you can get a system installed you need to get a basic indication of what you wish to monitor. You could choose expert help to do this or just do it yourself.

Either way, we've got you covered.

GridSpy stood out against all competition due to functionality, ease of use and modest pricing and the information that is gathered is superior to other systems in the market

Lincoln Coe — GM Infrastructure, Port Otago Ltd

Build a Monitoring Solution

We can help you today if you wish to Purchase or Lease the GridSpy System. We work both in New Zealand and Australia. Contact us now and we will get you started.

Typical Process

1. Gather Energy Bills. How much do you spend now?

2. Review Distribution boards. How does energy move through your site? An electrician can help with this.

3. Decide on a sensible budget for monitoring. 4% of your Annual power bill is a good start.

4. Build a Quote with us based on what Sensors you want to install

5. Install and review the data. Add and move sensors as you learn.

Audit and Analysis

You may wish to engage in a full Energy Audit or formal EECA approved Monitoring and Targeting program (for New Zealand).

GridSpy is the monitoring solution of choice for many businesses and energy professionals. We supply the system for superior data gathering and let you or the energy professionals get on with the business of analysis.

For formal audit work may we suggest you talk to one the many friendly Auditors and EECA Business Partners we work with to get this underway. GridSpy is the monitoring partner of Energy and Technical Services Ltd (ETS) for the EECA Monitoring and Targeting Programme.

We have worked with a few companies we like. Talk to us if you wish to know more, or please contact directly:


New Zealand

We are looking forward to hearing from you and answering your questions and getting you started on the road to sustainability, improved energy use and financial savings.

We’ve found working with GridSpy to be a pleasure for both ourselves and our clients. Their equipment is easy to use and set-up is a breeze; what more could we ask for?

Brett Cameron — A Director of Smart Power Ltd (NZ)