How our system works
in a nutshell

GridSpy is the complete solution in energy monitoring, providing easy installations, use and functionality. Customers log into GridSpy’s modern web interface to access and understand their data, an interface that is continually improving through the GridSpy Subscription Service. This Service ensures that existing installations are maintained, reviewed and improved under one all-inclusive subscription.

Energy Monitoring

GridSpy monitors a wide range of sensor types. When used to monitor electricity use, it operates as a complete metering solution and so can be used to measure any circuit. Our clip-on sensors offer the most frequent updates on the market. Install them to monitor the electricity use of a business as a whole or target specific loads and focus your energy where it will deliver the greatest savings.

All our energy sensors are plugged into the GridNodes. The GridNode uses a radio link with the GridHub to transmit your data. The GridHub uploads your data to the cloud. The GridHub can share your internal IT network or we can provide an independent 3G uplink. While internet is temporarily unavailable, the GridHub stores raw samples for over 6 months in its permanent flash storage.

Once monitoring is in place, all sensor information is presented through a web dashboard accessible from anywhere. There you can see up to the minute data and can watch the power usage second-by-second as it updates on the screen. This makes it far easier to educate and engage stakeholders with energy saving. We have found that businesses that install GridSpy monitoring report rapid changes in staff behaviour, resulting in almost immediate benefits to the bottom line.

GridSpy energy monitoring can be used to measure a wide variety of things beyond simple electricity use. These include water and gas usage, temperature, air quality and even customers through the door. GridSpy can also take input from a wide range of off the shelf analogue sensors. You provide the raw inputs, let GridSpy collect and present them to you in your browser.

GridSpy Subscriber Service

Our Subscriber Service allows for the permanent secure off-site storage of client data and the maintenance and continual improvement of the dashboard as well as software updates to the product and install support. The monthly fee also includes all email and phone support whenever it is required and all administration and infrastructure required to support the Service.

The Base Subscription is calculated against the amount of GridNodes on a site, and the Base Subscription will never be more than $20 a month per GridNode. Additionally, after the first $100 of subscribing has been reached at a site a 50% discount is applied to further GridNodes on the large site. For more on the Subscription Service please see the GridSpy Subscription Policy.