Gridspy PDF resources

How Gridspy Works

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Case study - Port Otago

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Port Otago has saved over $90,000 on energy bills over 9 months using a $11,000 GridSpy installation.

GridSpy has allowed us to find places to save money we would have missed with other systems

Lincoln Coe

GridSpy provides a clearly higher level of data and information

Jonathan Pooch

Promotional brochure

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Learn more about what GridSpy does for your business and why you should monitor your energy usage.

Often presented as an introduction to the GridSpy solution and essentially a PDF version of the GridSpy front page.

Installation instructions

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A great overview of how a GridSpy solution is installed to monitor your power usage. This guide clearly shows how the pieces fit together.

Configure your account

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Once installed, your GridSpy solution is configured using our online interface. This guide shows you how this is done. We're continually improving this side of the installation process.

GridHub Technical Details

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Our GridHub Data Sheet describes the GridHub and describes the inputs and accuracy of the device.

GridNode Technical Details

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Learn more about the GridNode, our data acquisition unit.

Price list

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Our standard kit pricing, and more. All elements of a GridSpy solution are priced in here.
Transparent pricing is important to us.

Note: We also offer a Lease Option